The Shinkokai certified as a Welcome-nchu Company


The Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai was certified by the OCVB as a “Welcome-nchu Company”, one of the 89 companies and organizations currently registered.
Like Uchina-nchu and Umi-nchu mean respectively “Okinawa people” and “People of the sea”, Welcome-nchu means welcoming people.
A campaign promoted by the OCVB, Welcome-nchu are people in Okinawa who welcome visitors and tourists from mainland Japan and abroad with the heart of “Utuimuchi”, the Okinawan word for “Omotenashi”. Meaning Japanese-style hospitality, this word was made famous by the speech of French-Japanese TV announcer Christel Takigawa during the IOC meeting in Buenos Aires in 2013 that saw Tokyo being picked to host the 2020 Olympic Games.
In this spirit, our Shinkokai wish to convey the traditional culture and hospitality of Okinawa through Okinawa karate…


More about Welcome-nchu (In Japanese)
The list of organizations registered (In Japanese)


Promotion clip for the Welcome-nchu campain



What the head of the Shinkokai’s secretariat Ikemiyagi Masaaki sensei is saying in this clip:

“I hope that foreign tourists will also experience karate and will feel the traditional culture of Okinawa in the birthplace of karate.”