Experience programs

Okinawa karate experience with all five senses ※Renewal Underway

An ideal program to experience Okinawa karate for non-practitioners and those interested in karate when visiting the birthplace of karate, Okinawa.

Okinawa karate masters’ demonstration ※Renewal Underway

Experience at close range the finest demonstration by high-ranking masters of each traditional Okinawan karate styles. A unique program with a special feeling unique to "Okinawa, the birthplace of karate".

Demonstration of traditional Okinawa karate ※Renewal Underway

How about enjoying a performance of traditional Okinawa karate and kobudo at close range?
Discover a powerful and beautiful live demonstration by real karate experts who train tempering their skills daily.

Showcase demonstration of one style of Okinawa karate ※Renewal Underway

A demonstration focusing on one of the three major styles of traditional Okinawa karate or kobudo. Discover the history, and characteristics of the chosen system.

Training plan with a “Sensei” of Okinawa traditional karate and kobudo ※Renewal Underway

How about training with a Sensei - masters in Okinawa, the birthplace of karate? With this program, receive direct tuition from a master and experience the spirit and essence of traditional Okinawan karate and kobudo, an art that has been passed down from generation to generation.

“Master a kata” program ※Renewal Underway

For the popularization of traditional Okinawan karate, a karate expert committee was established by the prefectural governor in 1941 with the aim of creating simple kata (form) for beginners. Thus the kata Fukyu-gata 1 (Shuri / Tomari-te system) and Fukyu-gata 2 (Naha-te system) were created.
With this program, choose one of these three kata, learn basics techniques of karate and the selected kata.

Karate trial for beginners ※Renewal Underway

A karate experience program for beginners and non-practitionners. Next to an introduction of the “Martial art of Peace” that is karate, train with a karate master who will carefully guide you through Okinawa karate’s preparatory exercises, basic blocks, thrusts and kicks, kata and paired exercises, etc.